12 Questions for Serious Lovers Only

You may not want to hear this one, but real love - the kind of love that is intimate and lasting - takes work. The love that we experience in the first passionate stages of attraction is only the teaser; sort of like a movie's "coming attractions", where we see only the best clips.

Once in love it doesn't matter if we are a firm believer of fairy tale romances or not, there is always a sequel to the "ever after". That sequel unravels when the prince and the princess settle down to the mundane basics of every day life and it's ongoing challenges. This is where love really begins and this is when it is essential to truly understand your mate.

If you are in an existing relationship or about to start a new relationship, the "Astrolove" Personalized Compatibility Consultation can help you define both of your special needs in love and sex. Don't settle for guessing, when it can be so easy.

Below you will find a series of questions.
see how many you can answer honestly.

1. Do you have the same approach to life as your partner or potential partner?

2. Do you have the same material values in life?

3. If you have a difference of opinion, can you effectively communicate with each other?

4. What do you need from each other to feel emotionally fulfilled and secure?

5. Do you have the same interests?

6. Do you have the same work ethics?

7. Do you both compromise on an equal basis?

8. Have you fully explored your individual sexual needs and unspoken desires?

9. Do you have the same belief systems?

10. Do you have similar goals, hopes and wishes?

11. Are you attracted to the same type of friends?

12. Do you feel you are soul mates or lover's from a past life?



Are you and your partner 'getting through" to each other? Discover how you can make it easier. The AstroLove Compatibility Consultation is an informative blend of psychology and astrology personalized just for you and your mate. These questions and more will be answered in detail for you and your partner. Once you have obtained your consultation, you will learn that you have a wealth of choices when it comes to creating the relationship of your dreams.

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