SCORPIO FEMALE: Sizzling with magnetic power, this lady is more than a handful. Highly intuitive, her penetrating eyes (always a clue to the Scorpio) seem to look right through to your core. Mysterious and secretive by nature, she is never an open book. Getting to know her takes time, and not everyone gets that chance. She is attracted to people who are productive, determined and confident. If she likes you, its evident, and if she doesn't you better move out of her way. She won't necessarily be rude, she just won't give you the time of day. Her life is normally a life of transformation and change, but her focus is invariably steady. This is not a women who takes anything lightly, so make sure you are ready for a deep intense relationship - one that offers a lot of intimacy and depth. She won't settle for less.

First Approach: If possible, let the energy between you build before making a move. She loves the dance of love, and will be intrigued with anyone who knows how to start the dance slowly. If she is one of the more introverted Scorpio's, she may be cautious at first. However, if there is indeed chemistry between you, it won't be long before she will focus her attention on you!

First Date: First impressions count with this gal, but more than anything she longs for a companion with emotional depth. However, don't spill your guts on the first date, as she does like a person who is somewhat mysterious. What you do for entertainment on your date is not as important as the quality of the time spent with each other. Her sexual nature is sophisticated and very real, so when the time is right, you will both know it. Whether it is the first date, or not, makes very little difference if the feeling is right. However, if you take this step, make sure the feeling is mutual. This lady does not respond well to a "love them and leave" mentality and can prove to be a difficult enemy if betrayed in that way.

EROGENOUS ZONE: SCORPIO- Genitalia. Use your imagination.

Last Date: Tell her to "lighten up" constantly. Refuse to get serious about anything. Joke when she does. If that doesn't work, let her catch you flirting with another women. Then run like hell!

SCORPIO MALE: Magnetic, intense and motivated toward finding out all there is to know about life, this man is not one to fool around with unless you are ready for a relationship that is all encompassing. Like the female Scorpio, he is intuitive, but he rarely lets you know this up front. He is naturally secretive and very difficult to read, but he respects a person who is adept at reading between the lines. He lacks a basic trust in people, so direct, honest, no frills communication with this man is imperative. His tolerance level for anything less than the truth is minimal. Remember that very little escapes this "detective of the Zodiac", and he is an expert at flushing out any skeletons in your closet. Scorpio's of both sexes can be extremely jealous and controlling by nature , so if you are a flirtatious by nature, you may want to rethink this coupling. He is considered to be one of the most highly charged sexual energies of the zodiac, so if his focus is on you, be forewarned that he is not playing games.

First Approach: He is attracted to people who are passionate about life, but not too sweet or syrupy. A sensual person will always attract his attention, but if a sharp mind is not part of the package, he will not be impressed for long. He dislikes anything that feels like manipulation, which means playing coy rarely is beneficial ploy. At the same time, he prefers being discreet in all his dealings, so if this is a work- related romance, make sure you keep your advances subtle in the company of others.

First Date: If your style is to wear over- sized bulky clothing, you might want to consider something a bit more feminine and sophisticated for your first date. He usually responds well to a women who enjoys her femininity. Exotic foods and an imaginative conversation is always going to leave him with a good taste in his mouth, but don't pry too much into his personal life for starters. His reputation for being sexy is not a myth; but he prides himself on his control. Let him practice this "control" and he will find you even more intriguing.

EROGENOUS ZONE: - Genitalia. Use your imagination.

Last Moves: Gossip constantly and make sure he hears that telling intimate secrets to your friends about him. . Flirt outrageously, making sure to ignore him while you are doing it. Giggle nervously at everything he says, whether it is funny or not. Don't take anything seriously, and make fun of him when he does. You may have to suffer a severe sarcastic blow to your ego when it is all said and done, but count your blessings that it was not worse.

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