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At some time in our research, all Germans from Russia will be setting their sights on locating their family records in Germany, Volhynia, Prussia, or Poland. 

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I have tried to compile a listing of German, Volhynian, Prussian, and Polish web sites that might be of general use to the GR researchers.  I hvae included few personal websites, as there are just too many out there to list properly and most will be of interest to one or two researchers at most.  

However, if I have found a site that contains quite a few links to other sites, or contains a large quantity of surnames that are recognizable as possible GR surnames, I have included that site as a general site of interest.

Site Name

Description of Site Contents


Archives in Germany

Provides addresses to archives of genealogical interest and are broken down by region.  Also includes addresses to church archives.  The main page and index is in English, the archive pages are in German, but it is not too difficult to locate the archive you might be interested in.  A wonderful resource if your village records have not been microfilmed by the LDS.

Archives in Poland

Provides addresses to archives of genealogical interest and are broken down by region.  Also provides sample letters in Polish for requesting information.  Also includes church archive addresses. 
Research consultants addresses are given, however, always use caution whenever you consider employing a researcher in a foreign country that you do not have references for!

Cyndiís List of German Genealogical Sites

Always the place to find the greatest links!  Includes links to general German genealogy, how-toís, regional sites, personal home pages of fellow researchers, links to databases, immigration and ships records, how to decifer German handwriting, maps, village locators, German phone book listings, and much, much more.  Plan to spend some time following all the links at this site.

Deutsch Volkslieder

This is a just for fun website.  It has hundreds of German folksongs, both the words and melodies recorded in computer format to go with them. 
Also includes some brief history and genealogy materials, but mainly consists of German folksongs, hymns, and anthems.
The homepage even includes tips on making wine.  All that is missing here is beer in a big German stein and some salted peanuts in the shell!


By far the best site I have come accross for Eastern Europeon genealogy information.  Plan to spend days looking here.  Includes surname databases, maps, film listings, village lists, genealogy tips, an much, much more.  Be sure to make use of the sites search engine.

Genealogy and Poland

A guide to doing genealogical research in Poland.  Incudes information on researching Lutheran and German immigrants.  Includes some maps and village listings.
Also includes links to to other sites of interest and tips on how to locate your villages.

German Genealogy Resources in Poland

German genealogy, churchbooks and civil records, which are mainly to be found in Polish archives today. Some of these sources have not (yet) been microfilmed by the LDS church, so that they are not available through their Family History Centers (as yet), but are available for
research, though. The main information covers the former German states of Silesia (Schlesien), Posen, and Pomerania (Pommern), a few records from West Prussia (Westpreussen) and East Prussia (Ostpreussen) are also being listed here

German Migration Resource Center

Mainly a queries page that allows you to post queries about your German immigrants.  Most pertain to immigration directly to the US, but personally, I love these queries never know when you might get a hit by posting your query in as many places as you can.  Also includes a book listing that may be helpful.


German Town Locator

This locator is for towns presently located in Germany.  It uses a ďdatabase of currently about 50000 entries, based on the 'Postleitzahlenbuch' (post code book) of the German mail service.Ē  Many small villages from the 1800ís still exist, well worth checking here if you have a village name to start from.

Germany GenWeb

Tons of general information here for getting you started on your research in Germany.  A clickable map takes you to the region of Germany you are intested in and then provides maps, village listings, surname databases, book lookups, queries pages, mailing lists and more.  A must see site!

Internet Sources of German Genealogy

Tons of links to everything German here including genealogy sites, databases, regional information, village locators, archives, discussion groups, maps, and much more.  Youíll get lost here following all the links, and thatís a good thing!

Poland Genealogical Society of America

Site information includes maps, village listings, queries pages, and much more.

Poland Surname List

List of surnames, villages the people came from and the e-mail address of the person researching them.  Includes GRís, found someone researching a hard-to-find surname of mine here.


A newcomer on the scene, and promises to become one of the main sites to see for GR researchers!  It covers the areas of present-day Poland (including those lands known previously as West and East Prussia, Posen, Silesia, and
Pomerania), and also those people who lived in the western part of present-day Ukraine, in the old pre-World War II province of Volhynia (generally from the city of Kiev on the east to the
present-day Polish border on the west, and from the city of Zhitomir on the south to the city of Kowel on the north).
Includes surname databases, maps, research aids, and LDS film listings.  Includes information for Lutheran, Catholic, and Baptist fations.  Make use of the sites search engine for easy browsing.

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