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Researching Mennonites ancestors is a little more difficult than researching the Lutheran Germans from Russia for one simple reason: there are, thus far, no Mennonite church records that have been filmed by the LDS.

 Germany, Etc
 GR Sites
 US Sites

I have included many personal web sites on this page that include quite a bit of information on surnames, databases, school records, and Mennonite census listings.

There is a Mennonite list serv that you can subscribe to.  Try meno.rec.roots list.  It comes recommended.

I will be adding sites as I find them.  If you know of any good webistes that have information about the Mennonites, including those who migrated to Canada and other regions, please contact me so I can add them to this page.


Web Site Names



Alberta Family Histories Society

There are cemetery listings for Mennonite cemeteries, members surname interests, tiny tafels, Calgary birth and obituaries, church records from Russia and Canada, and more at this site.

Bestvater Home Page

Short chronological history of the Bestvater family.  The lived in Furstenfeld,  Tiegenhoff, Tiegenhagen, and the Molotschna colonies.  Short bibliography of books of interest.

California Mennonite Historical Society

You can browse the Society bulletin and get information about the Grandma CD-ROM project here.  Also includes a list of items for sale.  Here is where you will find a copy of an old map of the Molotschna colonies which was produced after 1912.

Canadian Mennonite Genealogical Resources

You will find links to the Composite Index of Early Manitoba Church register which you can download as a zip file, the Reinlaender Gemeinde Buch (Manitoba), and the Sommerfeld Gemeinde Buch (Manitoba) Cumulative Index.

Center for Mennonite Brethern Studies

Listing of materials available for research at the Center located in Fresno, CA.  They specialize in records from Poland and South Russia. Items included in their archives are ships records, microfilmed Prussian church records, periodical which contian obits, and Membership records for the Alexanderwohl Mennonite Church in the Molotschna Colony, 1842-1874. Give this site a look.

Composite Index of Heads of Household in the Mennonite Church Records

This index includes Bergthal, Russia 1843-1876, Chortitzer, Manitoba 1874, 1878, 1887, 1907,  Kleine Gemeinde, Manitoba, Reinlaender, Manitoba, and Sommerfeld, Manitoba Volumes 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B, 5A, and 5B records.  You can download a zipped file, it is over 1500kbs zipped!  Or you can view the registers at this site.  They have divided the index by alphabet so loading time is minimized.  The Manitoba records include many immigrants from the Bergthal, Russia colonies.

Cyndi’s List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet

For those of you who have not visited this site, it is a must see!  Cyndi keeps a listing of genealogy sites located on the web and somehow manages to keep the links current!  It is broken down into catagories, one of which is Mennonite links.  Many links are duplicates of the links on this page, however, she keep pretty current on what new sites are being added.  You can subscribe to MindLink, which sends an email to you whenever the page is updated with a new link.

Early Russian Mennonite History

A nine page history of the Mennonites tracing them from their Dutch origins through Prussia to Russia. Includes lists of common surnames, ethnicity and class, a brief history the colonies in Chortitza, Molotschna, Bergthal, the Kleingemeinde, the Krimmer Brethern, the Plattdeutch language, the organization of the church, and the various Mennonite conferences.  Very interesting reading!

FEEFHS-Mennonite Cross Index

Mainly links here, but also some articles about the Mennonites including an article on “New Mennonite Studies Source Materials from the Former Soviet Union” by Lawrence Klippenstein.  Links to some newsletters.  Be sure to look at the map room while you are here.

Gnadenfeld, Molotschna, Memories of Good Times and Hard Times

Very informative story of the Molotschna Mennonite village of Gnadenfeld.  Includes a brief history of the founding of the village, description of the village itself and some of it’s peoples, and the troubled times from 1912 through the relocation period in 1943.  Includes lists of people who were lost in the war times, deported, or died entroute to Germany. (Lists are in progress, so be sure to bookmark and check back for further additions)

Harder/Sawatzky Research Site

A surname list a mile long here.  Many names you will recognize.  Also includes the first seven chapters of the book, “From Prussia to Russia to North America:300 Years”
Also includes information on Mennonite list servs.

Manitoba Homestead Papers

This site page provides information on how to obtain homestead papers in Manitoba.  It gives brief instructions and an address to write to.  You may also e-mail them at You will need to provide them with the name, birthdate, village, and homestead plot of the persons you are looking for.

Manitoba Mennonite Historical Society

Tons of information here from both Canada and Russia.  Canadian information includes church books and an index of church books.  Russia information includes Mennonite census listings both from Chortitza and Molotachna, school registers, migration information from Prussia to Russia, village reports and more.  A must see site!

MennoLink E-mail Discussion Group

Provides information on joining the MennoLink e-mail discussion group found at menno.rec.root  Also provides links to Mennonite resources, web pages, books for sale, and more.  Discussion groups are much the same as the list servs provided by NDSU for the Germans from Russia.  Take a look around here, much to see and many useful links.

Mennonite Books

This is a great place to find books on the Mennonite religion, family histories, church histories, village histories from Russian villages, even copies of the Stumpp book.  You can  Email them at for a catalog or to make an order

Use this link to access the new books, personal histories, and church records catalog.

Mennonite Encylopedia

The Encyclopedia includes Canadian-related articles copied or adapted from the five-volume
Mennonite Encyclopedia, published by Herald Press (Scottdale, Pa. and Waterloo, Ont.,
1953-1959, 1990)  You can access information with ther search engine at this page.

Mennonite Family History Project

Links to the Molotschna and Prussia.  Lots of surnames, and index, and genealogy charts for twelve families such as Ratzlaff, Unruh, Koop, Harms, Epp, Warkentin, Neufeld, and Claassen. Includes a 10MB book on the above families that is available to download in .pdf format.  If you have Mennonites in your family, this site is a great place to look!

Mennonite Heritage Centre

Information here on the Peter J Braun collection, doing Mennonite Research, a bibliography of the Mennonite Historical Library, links to other Mennonite resources, and a short consolidated index to church records in Bergtal, Russia and Chortitzer, Manitoba.  The bibliography is over 550k.  Lots of references here.  

Mennonite Historian

An online Mennonite history newsletter.  Not all articles in the newsletter are presented online, however, the ones that are online are well worth reading.  Includes a per issue book review and new items of interest column, as well as some limited genealogy information.  Instructions for subscribing for a paper copy are included.  Online issues begin in September, 1992.

Mennonite Historical Society of Alberta

Another of the great sites maintained by Judith Rempel.  This site includes many great links to all kinds of information including where to purchase the GRANDMA CD, online Mennonite obituaries, bookstores, genealogical help, online databases, Mennonite village listings, online databases, historical societies, and many more.  Membership information can be found at the site.

Mierau Family Home Page

Part of this man’s family migrated from the Molotschna colony of Furstenwerder to Schonlfalt (Schoenfeld?), Crimea then on to Canada.  Links to other family homes pages.

MolotschnaVillager Mennonite German-Russian Newsletter

Contact information about the newsletter at this site.  This is through the FEEFHS site and is a new feature.  Not much information yet.

OMII Genealogy Project & Kidron Heritage Center

Information mainly on Swiss Mennonite and German Amish.  Over 400,000 individuals entered in 3 databases here. Names are entered from books and this site gives you information on the book the inforamtion was found in.  Limited genealogy charts on each.

Prussian Mennonite Resources

This page contains links to birth and marriage records from Prussia, maps, secular records such as census and court records, land acquistions and land disposal records, village listings and much more.  You will want to take a good look at the links on this page.

Ratzlaff Family Association

If you have Ratzlaffs’ in your tree (or even if you don’t), this is the place to be!  Lots of information, people willing to do lookups in church records from Alexanderwhol and Przechowko, W. Prussia, book lists, books for sale, researchers web pages and much more!

Rempel Mennonite Family History Page

This is a must see site.  Information includes village histories, archives, history, bookstore information, and a link to the Rempel list serv.  Also includes some offline resources.  This site concentrates on the Mennonite families who spent time in Tsarist Russia.

Richard Thiessen’s Genealogy Page

Mr. Thiessen has a surname list of families included in this family tree.  The tree currently included 1215 individuals in 269 family groups.  Lots of familiar Mennonite surnames here.

Joanne Richter’s Mennonite Ancestors

Joanne has a beautiful site here with lots to see!  There are many familiar names here, Dyck, Epp, Neufeld, and more.  Take some time to browse the family trees and look at the links provided her husbands Mennoite family also.

Russian Mennonite Genealogy

Personal family history, links to other Mennonite pages, and history of the Mennonite villages in Canada and Russia.  Also some information on Manitoba Homestead records.

Russian Mennonite Genealogical Resources

Records include the 1795-1814 S. Russian Mennonite Cenus, 1797 Chortitza census,  1835 Molotschna Census, Molotschna School Registers for intermitent years beginning in 1857 and ending in 1884, immigrant records from Prussia to Russia, and some village histories.  This is a must see!

Schoenhurst, Chortitza Colony Register

An index of all individuals in the Schoenhorst, Chortitza, Russia Register. There is no date on the register, however, I saw some early dates like 1811 births and pretty late dates like 1928 deaths. The information is also available in GEDCOM format.  Photocopies of the entire register or individual pages can be obtained by contacting Alf Redekopp.

Steinbach Manitoba History Page

Short history of the town of Steinbach, Manitoba which was settled by Mennonite colonists from the Molotschna.  Mentions some surnames such as Barkman, Friesen, Kornelsen and Giesbrecht.

Warkentin-Draper Family History

The Warkentin family left Ebling West Prussia in 1804 and migrated to the Molotschna colonies in Russia.  From there they migrated to Canada, arriving in 1875.  A well planned web page with lots of historical background (and even a pirate on the Draper side!)

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