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    Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) Systems are hollow blocks made of rigid foam that are erected and filled with concrete. They form the structure and insulation of exterior walls, ICFs are growing rapidly in popularity because they are cost competitive with frame construction, easy to learn and use, and they deliver a high quality product that is energy efficient, comfortable, durable, and resistant to natural elements and disasters.
   Our system stack and interlocks together to make a highly effective wall form. The blocks assemble much like the popular toy, Legos. It will take no time at all for a team of experienced contractors to assemble all the foundation walls of a standard home. The system comes complete with corners and Tees of standard design. If a more complicated form is needed, the foam cuts easily to almost any shape or angle needed. A minimal about of brace work is all it requires to have a wall set to pour.
  Wood isn't getting any cheaper, and it will come to a point where a alternative will be needed. Learn about the advantages of the foam forms, and lead the pack into a new era of construction technology.
  The benefits of  the ICF system are several fold:

1. The insulation in a ICF wall vs. a standard concrete block wall greatly reduces the heat loss that leads to so many problems. While your energy bill is greatly reduced, you also receive the added benefits of  less tempter fluctuation from day to night, the mold and mildew problems of wetter climates is almost non existent.

2. The EPS foam also provides superior sound insulation. Reducing the harmonics of  regular concrete construction will go a long ways in making the structure's environment appear to be more solid. 

3. The ICF systems simplifies the use of steel reinforcement bars, making your walls much stronger and more durable. The  ICF systems will hold rebar in place during the pouring process.

4. Using the ICF system also pays off in reduced man-hours. Why spend days nailing together wood forms and then have to disassemble and haul off the the grimy components. The foam forms are light and easy to transport and handle. You employees will find using the ICF system easy and efficient. Ultimately more work will be accomplished in a much shorter time.

5. Contractors have discovered that using such a Hi-Grade system like ICF's, results in customer satisfaction and referrals. And referrals mean more work and money. Don't have customers passing you by looking for contractors who specialize in ICF systems.

  Save yourself the trouble of making wall forms, and give us a call at 1-888-777-8485 or E-mail us.

Two of our ICF forms, one standing and the other on it's side.

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