I have been working in the energy field for over 30 years, I have come to the conclusion that their is no "Free Electricity". Their is only a potential radiant charge that makes up a dipole

 This energy makes up everything we touch and use in our electrical circuits as we know them. The electrical circuits as we know them are flawed, meaning they burn up the dipole that is free in nature.

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If you kill the dipole you loose the energy. The dipole killer is the electron  current in the circuit. So therefore the term free electricity  only applies to those that have done  away with the current or have figured a way to block it from completing it's path through the circuit. Their are no meters to measure this radiant current, and when you catch it, it has the power of the universe and beyond. Good luck in your research . Their is only energy from the vacuum, known as radiant energy. to find out more about this you need to read Tom Bearden's book. To go to my pages go to the bottom of the page .

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These patents are the only key to unlocking this radiant energy.


Perhaps it is better in this present world of ours that a revolutionary idea or invention instead of being helped and patted be hampered and ill-treated in its adolescence- by want of means, by selfish interest, pedantery, stupidity and ignorance; that it be attacked and stifled ;  that it pass through bitter trials and tribulations, through the heartless strife of commercial existence. So all that was great in the past was ridiculed, condemned, combatted, suppressed - only to emerge all the more powerfully, all the more triumphantly from the struggle.  

 N. Tesla

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"Today's scientist have substituted mathematics for experiments and they wander off through equation after equation and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality."

Nikola Tesla

Here in the Tesla patent once again we see the use of radiant energy. As I have said above their is only a radiant current, and this current is passed through the system by the capacitor and only a capacitor. The next step in the system is the amount of time it takes to charge this capacitor, and then the amount of time it takes to discharge the capacitor for they all have their own time, and each one of these things must be in sync in their own time.

It is so funny to sit here now and think that Benjamin Franklin had it all at his finger tips, if he would have used the capacitor the correct way.

It's the most simple thing in nature to do, and the hardest for mankind to understand because of the mind blocks. Their is no math for radiant current, for are instruments do not measure it. It's even sick to see meters all over these machines, because their is no possible way to measure the Aether flow. The people have had it all along and yet a little "meter" has stood in their way from the truth. Meters only measure wasted energy in the system.

Yes here it is, THE REAL McCoy

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(all patents are core technology, now using inverted radiant circuits)

BTI systems inc.

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Radiant currents are just like Tesla said a gas in nature

the transformation converter is the



An answer to David Thomson

David this is great stuff and I admire your work, but the dipole we are talking about are two different things. first of all the math does not apply since their are no equations for it. The math of today's scientist only runs you around in equation after equation, "just like Tesla said". All are electrical equations are only designed to burn energy in current. I understand the The Casimir effect, but this does not have anything to do with the charge of a magnetic moment. this does not take any high voltage since the stress field is always there. Our circuits are designed to split the magnetic moment before it becomes magnetic, this is where the radiant comes from. If we go back to Tesla and what he was doing in the end we find out he was studying through small experiments how this Radiant gas behaved, and what shapes it worked best with. His work with different lattice was very detailed and this is where The Casimir effect comes into play. As for the Radiant work their only three patents by Tesla  which discusses anything, and no math. The only thing we have to use at this time is VQ without the I (current) but it should be Vr =Q ( voltage from the split Radiant = Charge) The only other factor is TIME to get the Vr. If a long time is required to collect charge in this split then C (capacitor) should be very small so that the highest V (voltage) is obtained. If the Vr is very quick in splitting this magnetic moment then C can be very big. Also frequency of this magnetic moment is very important. You must release the Radiant voltage into a radiant current de-void of any electrons. So what is charging the batteries in My system is pure Radiant Current. This means that since their is no electrons to pile up on the Ions of the battery nothing can move, this forces the Ions to change their state and they move on their own, this is nothing more then a impedance shift, if you have a low impedance in the battery you have real power, if you have high impedance in the battery you have nothing. Nature takes time to move at her own rate, so the battery may take a long time to charge but charge it will with a different form of energy. This brings me to a different point, That all that is driving the switching solid state wise is a difference in potential across the battery inverted. This then means that the whole flow theory is out the window, meaning that the semiconductors are working on potential charge de-void of electrons so their is no heat generated in the semiconductor. As for the battery it fill's in it's own electrons. I  must say that Tesla was right.


Answer Two

David and Darren

First of all with all due respect and admiration for your work, I must still state that My work has nothing to do with "Strong Charge", or Resonance in our circuits. My work is based on real working models, and these real working models are saying something much different than what the equations are saying. My magnetic moment is based on what is occurring in the front end circuit before the normal current builds up, and then to capture the radiant voltage and then split this voltage into a current de-void of electrons to charge the batteries.  So here we differ again I'm not looking for electrons to power anything, in your model you can not get away from the electrons. My models are telling me that the equations must be revised to work properly with My model. I not only have one model that is working I have 30 that do the same thing plus the solid state models. Radiant energy goes away when electrons enter the picture. Read very carefully what Tesla said about the power stations when they were DC powered, I think you will catch it. I have never seen anybody that did science right do the equations before they had a working model on the bench.  Also it's not "Professional" to speak of another fellow scientists working in the field as regurgitated Bearden concepts, when nobody has check the references to find out if he is right. I have worked with Tom Bearden for 30 +years and those theories come from my bench models that are working. Now others are getting to first base and soon they will be on third base, soon you will see these machines powering loads and charging their own batteries, then where will all the math models sit? If my patents were understood it would be found out that the Mono Pole motor is not a Motor, it is a mechanical Radiant oscillator with a one to one transformer inductively triggered. being a one to one transformer you can not get more out then you put in, unless something else is flowing through it, it does not fit the math models, so this washes the forward converter theory down the drain. I say this, if I take your model and understand it correctly, everybody should have their lights burning right now! What bench model do you have running on this theory?   I say these things to you with all do respect for your hard work.

John Bedini

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These pages are for serious researchers only, doing serious work. I do not have time to answer questions on where you buy magnets or how you wind coils. You must be an engineering type of person and have machine experience. In the future I will be putting up pages on other systems according to Tom Bearden's new book.

Energy From The Vacuum

Concepts &Principles

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I will be adding experiments, with the concepts of  Nathan Stubblefield's work on ground wave transmission. I have completed my test and have had very good results with over 10 miles  distance, even through the water pipes, rivers, streams in the local area. The circuits involved in these transmissions involve  vacuum tubes  and  high voltage. The researcher is warned that if  you have no experience in  ground wave radio transmission and FCC rules and regulations, stay away from these experiments. I take no responsibility for " your " actions, and you experiment at your own risk. If you cause interference to anything, you must stop your experiments, because the fine will be something you will never forget. By doing these experiments, you assume all responsibility. You will be shocked to see that you need no RF ( Radio Frequency) whatsoever. In the days of Nathan Stubblefield, they did not even understand the vacuum tube, so Nathan built many induction transformers to do this communication. If the experiments are understood , one may find that a whole new experimental field is now open. By phasing the transmission. it is possible to generate 3D special systems in sound and voice.

Quote from Stubblefield:  " I have solved the problem of telephoning without wires through the earth as Signor Marconi has of sending signals through space."


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