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Sunrise/Sunset Calc
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This homepage is simply a vehicle to allow my friends to download a couple of programs that I've written.

The first, SSCalc, is a port to C of a Java program that calculates the sunrise and sunset times for anyplace in the world that you have the lat/longs for. The program only runs on Unix/Linux systems, with a definite bias toward FreeBSD, since that's what its ported for. It should compile without modification on almost any Unix system with a little adjustment to the makefile.

The other program, AlphaCharts, was written for a friend who I work with. He plays the commodities markets pretty regular and with pretty good success. This program helps him draw some charts that he devised and was doing the hard way with Excel and this strange tool he called "pencilandpaper". Hmmm...

The AlphaCharts program is NOT free, and the only reason it's posted here is so he can download the latest version without me having to make up an install cdrom. All he needs is the program, and that's all that's available here. The program is kinda worthless without the data files and it won't create them if they don't exist, so downloading the program won't do you much good.

See this page for a rundown of what's happening in the development of AlphaCharts.