Workshop 13: Cartesian Diver Rescue Sub
LCHS Physical Science
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Objectives: The learner will...
...utilize Archimedes' Principle, Boyle's Law and Pascal's Law to research,construct and operate a Cartesian Diver "Rescue Sub".
Research Archimedes' Principle, Boyle's Law and Pascal's Law and then write a descriptive paragraph in your own words how you think the Cartesian Diver works. For your grade, hand in the paragraph and demonstrate that your diver works by making the "sub" descend and attach to the "treasure".

Plastic soda bottle with cap (filled with water)
Instructor will provide:
Plastic Dropper or Pipette or pen cap
Paper clips (for weight, grappling hook &"treasure")
Pliers (to shape the paperclip hook and "treasure")

Bonus will be awarded if the "sub" is balanced correctly to lift the "treasure" to the top.


Show the instructor your paragraph and demonstrate your diver for a grade.